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We offer face-to-face appointments and tele-health online sessionsBoth options are equally effective in terms of the quality of the service and therapeutic outcome.  


However, each option does have its own distinct benefits and it really is a matter of personal choice as to which option or combination you prefer.

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Benefits of face-to-face appointments

  • You're in the room with your psychologist

  • You’re guaranteed a quiet, calm and private environment free of distractions and interruptions

  • You have the opportunity to get away from your normal routine and have time for yourself

  • You can arrive at your appointment 10 to 15 minutes early to take some deep breaths, have a cup of tea, coffee, or a glass of water and relax prior to your session. 

Benefits of tele-health online appointments

  • You don’t need to travel to your appointment, saving you time and travel costs

  • You may find tele-health more flexible in terms of accessing therapy during your busy day

  • If you're not feeling well or find it hard to get to appointments for any reason, you can still access therapy

  • No physical contact for those worried about COVID 19

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