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Let us help your child to achieve their potential.

At Adelaide Clinical Psychology we take a wholistic approach to psychological and educational assessment, using proven and reliable tests supplemented with relevant medical history and background information from parents and teachers.


Your child's wellbeing is paramount, always. We understand the importance of placing your child at ease during testing to enable them to complete the tests to the best of their ability without becoming distressed or upset. Our psychologists take a warm, friendly, relaxed and supportive approach to testing and actively engage with your child throughout the testing process. All testing is administered in a peaceful, comfortable and quiet environment free of noise and distractions.


Our psychologists have expertise in the tests administered to your child and are able to recognise learning difficulties and behaviour during testing that may indicate underlying conditions or a neurological disorder, such as: 

  • Learning disorders

  • ADD Assessments (attention deficit disorder)

  • ADHD Assessments (attention deficit hyperactive disorder)

  • ASD Assessments (Autism spectrum disorder)

  • Dyslexia.

Image by Elizaveta Dushechkina

Assess your child’s cognitive functioning, academic functioning, and social functioning. 

Understand how your child approaches learning

and development.

Identify your child's strengths and any areas where they may be struggling or require help.

Understand any behavioral problems or

areas of concern

Common questions or areas of concern that can be answered and addressed:

High School Lecture

Is my child on the spectrum?

Is my child gifted? 

Why does my child seem so

disorganised and lazy?

Why does my child cry at the thought of school or doing homework?

Why do I have to continuously repeat

myself to get my child to do something?

Why is my child struggling in one

subject but not others?

Why is my child so nervous?

Why is my child getting bored or misbehaving in class?

Why have my child’s grades declined?

Is my child gifted?


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